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Haha, I love this girl.

I’m glad for you, Rin.

Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus Opening #1

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Some great tips on studying that got me thinking.

There are plenty of great posts out there on medblrs and beyond that give excellent study tips, and so I’m not going to give a ‘how to study’ lesson, because I feel that really is an individual thing. Find something that works for you, and if it doesn’t work, change something. Plan in advance, and break up the topics you need to study so you know what you’re going to fit in when.

But, here are a few things that I do that I thought I’d share:

I have a Wall of Inspiration next to my desk. What is this? I printed out lots of photos of my friends and family as a reminder of fun times. So that when it’s 2am and I’m tired, I can take a break and motivate myself to work by remembering the good times, and remembering that after said exam I’ll be able to hang out with them again.

If you move around a lot, take some really persona stuff with you, like some photos or a poster you like, things that will make your room feel more like home. Studying away from your ‘home’ can be hard, so making your accommodation feel homely can help you feel at ease when studying there. You really don’t want the room you’re going to spend months studying in to feel like a jail cell.

Have a flexible revision timetable. Some days I just wouldn’t feel like studying the topic that was down for that day, so I switched the timetable around. Everything gets covered, but you don’t feel pressured to tackle a horrible subject on a bad day. But remember to tackle your hardest subjects first; you don’t want to leave them until the end and forget them altogether, particularly if they are a big proportion of the marks. Remember that obscure, rare, fun stuff is never as important (both in exams and in real life) as the common and the serious stuff, so revise accordingly. Don’t get bogged down revising the stuff that you like and know already. Oh, and attend the lectures and pay attention in class; revising is much, much easier if you’re familiar with the material.

I know some people advocate complete facebook etc shutdown, and that works for some people, but it’s not the only way. I’ve always found my mind can wander if I try to focus for too long at once, so I structure study breaks into my studies. That way you get built in breaks, and you can have treats as long as you get what you planned done. You won’t feel guilty about going on facebook or watching that episode if that was your reward for an afternoon’s solid work, and you’re on-track with your studies. Win-win.

Meals and drinking fluids are important to structure into your study time, they break up the monotony and refresh you all at once. Fruit and nuts are perfect snacks. I know some students are really into exercise, but even if you’re not, there’s always time for a half-hour walk. Your deep veins will thank you!

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"Because of you, Rin and I were saved.
"I really owe you.”
If you don't do something, Rin-san will stop swimming.
You're the only ones who can help him!
You are truly beautiful, Rei.